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Turn Your Science into
Commercial Success

Axetis understands the language of science,
enabling fluent communication with professionals
in all types of industry.

  • Science Marketing

    Product launches - Exhibitions - Promotions - Presentations - Workshops - Marketing Campaigns

  • Science Management

    Operations - Recruitment - Import/Export - Partnering - Sales - Business Development

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Definitely. Use the login panel in the sidebar with the demo login details provided.

You will enter our Create/Send system and will be able to create a test campaign using one of our generic templates. Following a walk-thru wizard you'll learn how to set up your campaign, edit its content and manage your subscription lists.

You'll even be able to send your campaign to five people for free and practice as often as you like, making sure to include yourself for testing purposes. Finally you can see how effective your email attempt was by viewing an on-line report.

The only thing we ask you not to do is reset the password on this account, although it's not the end of the world if you do. There is plenty of on-line help available in the demo account to get you familiar with the process in no time. For any specific questions, simply contact Axetis.

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About Axetis

  • Who is Axetis?

    Axetis is a technically and commercially oriented marketing and management agency having first hand experience in the science and technology based industries. The agency originated in 2006 when a core Read More
  • We understand your business!

    You can find plenty of marketing firms knowledgable in graphic design and promotion. Of these however, few have any hands-on laboratory experience or relevant background in a scientific discipline that Read More
  • Clients we have worked with

    Axetis has worked with an extensive list of clients. Most are from within the biotech industry, a few from without. These are a few of the brands in our portfolio, Read More
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