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Turn Your Science into
Commercial Success

Axetis understands the language of science,
enabling fluent communication with professionals
in all types of industry.

  • Science Marketing

    Product launches - Exhibitions - Promotions - Presentations - Workshops - Marketing Campaigns

  • Science Management

    Operations - Recruitment - Import/Export - Partnering - Sales - Business Development

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Start your campaign by choosing one of our professionaly designed, mobile friendly templates. Within minutes you can turn one into a launch-ready work of art using our drag and drop email builder. Use them to launch targeted campaigns like marketing offers, product announcements, newsletters, or event promotions.


Selecting your template

View the entire range of templates

All new customers get to choose a template from our selection. Axetis will happily customise it for you. Our introductory service includes adding your logo, altering the colours to match your corporate theme, and a few other details.

Your first template is free but there is no limit to the number you can have. To order your templates, click to Email template selection, choose your new design(s) and submit the quote along with your logo and colour preferences. After confirming your order, we will install your modified templates into your personal collection.


Customisation options

We offer several ways to produce a design that's exactly right for you.


1. Customise a generic template from our collection

Select a new template as described above, completing as many details as possible. The adjustments we can make include:

  • Logo insertion (with alignment and spacing adjustments)
  • Colours and fonts (for headings, text, footer, buttons, links and background)
  • Vertical spacing between sections
  • Choice of language


2. Build an original template from scratch

Send us a detailed brief or some examples of emails you like. We will create a fresh design built to suit your needs. Building a fully original template offers more flexibility than the modified designs from our generic collection. For instance, we can create customised content layouts suitable for making tables and galleries, etc.

Your fully original template will be useable with our content editor, allowing you to build your own campaigns. 


3. Convert one of your external emails into a compatible template

Already have a favourite template or previously sent email you'd like to keep using with our system? There are two options:

  • Let us import the email exactly as it is. Any content edits required will need to be made to the email before importing it. Although it won't be editable on our system, you still have the combined benefits of a safe and convenient delivery plus a wealth of informative delivery reports.
  • Let us convert it into a fully compatible template that works with our content editor.


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