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Coding Development Scripting in HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Java.. Product #: WD04 In Stock

Coding Development

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Getting your website just right

Websites are complex systems contrived from multiple scripting languages. While anyone should be able to build a website without knowledge of coding, inevitably the developer will need to "hack" the code in order to overcome problems or get things just right.

Coding could be used at various stages, like adjusting the layout of a web template or extension, or to create new formatting styles or special animated buttons. Axetis will inform you if a requested task or feature requires scripting.


What the end user should know

Fortuantely the end user does not need coding at all to manage the website or edit content. However, a little knowledge of HTML is highly empowering and goes a long way to getting text and images working just right. Should you discover that additional styles are required or the behaviour of certain features don't work as you'd like, that's when you may need to call your developer for some coding assistance. It largely depends on the degree of customisation preferred.


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