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High impact displays in booklets, magazines and posters

Ad placement in a respected publication remains one of the tried and true forms of promotion for science and many other industries. Their standard ingredients include captivating images with primary and secondary messages and minimal supporting text. They are also effective as posters, both in print and on digital displays.

To be effective the reader must know within seconds who the ad is from and what they're offering. Display ads seldom trigger immediate action from the reader and their response metrices are hard to capture, yet the brand awareness they generate can be invaluable.



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Standard Conditions
Editing rounds Standard (3 rounds)
Design brief Supplied by client
Print / production management Ordering & liaison with publisher handled by client independently
Source files All working files other than the deliverables remain the intellectual property of Axetis and are not included except by agreement
Standard Options (by request)
Unlimited editing No limit to number of minor edits
Open brief Axetis will present fresh design concepts
Include printing and delivery Ordering & liaison with manufacturer handled by Axetis on client's behalf
Include source files and templates Specific intellectual property with usage license can be purchased on request

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