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Email Campaign Services Assistance with email design, mailing lists and launch.. Product #: EC02 In Stock

Email Campaign Services

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Providing support for campaign managers

Sometimes you need an extra pair of hands to get your campaign out on time. Axetis can help you with any stage of the process.

If you're not in the system yet, you will need a campaign management account.


Choose from the following services:
  • Template design
    Have us build a new template from scratch, or send us an old favourite and we'll adapt it to work with our content editing system. Or even choose one of our generic templates and have it branded for your company.
  • Content authoring, editing and insertion
    We can help write the text for your next campaign and set it out with images.
  • Mailing list preparation
    Need to import more contacts or organise your mailing list? We can help segment your list for separate campaigns and deal with the unsubscribes.
  • Testing and optimisation
    We'll run your campaign on over 20 major email client systems to test for design and SPAM issues, and resolve them as requested.
  • Email launch and delivery
    We'll send a final test run and schedule a time for the actual launch.
  • System walk-thru and setup
    Need a refresher course, some hands-on guidance or a helping hand to build your next campaign? Choose an option from our guided system tours.

Email Campaign Specs
Generic starter email template No
Campaign delivery management Optional
Real-time delivery reports Yes
Mailing list management Optional
500 free email credits No
Custom designed email template No
Content insertion and editing Optional
Design and SPAM testing Optional
Delivery optimisation Optional
Email system walk-thru Optional
Standard Conditions
Editing rounds Standard (3 rounds)
Design brief Supplied by client
Standard Options (by request)
Unlimited editing No limit to number of minor edits
Open brief Axetis will present fresh design concepts

How do you pay for Email Campaigns?

Email credits are the currency you need for sending campaigns.

  • No monthly fees. Buy credits in bulk and spend on demand
  • Free test runs. Pay only when you send to more than 5 recipients!
  • Email credits never expire

$10Delivery charge
2cFor each recipient
Prices in AUD
Excluding GST
  (500 credits)   (1 credit)  


Send to Delivery and recipient charges Total
100 recipients $10 delivery (500 credits) + $2 (100 credits) $12
500 recipients $10 delivery (500 credits) + $10 (500 credits) $20
2000 recipients $10 delivery (500 credits) + $40 (2000 credits) $50

To create an email campaign you'll first need a template. There are three ways to get this:

2) Request a fully customised template

Starting with a client brief, Axetis will create a fully customised template from the ground up to precisely suit your marketing needs.

This option allows greater flexability with design and placement of content compared with our generic templates. While it takes more time to prepare, this process promises a unique product with the highest level of refinement.

3) Supply your own HTML template

If you have a favourite email created for a different system, simply provide us the HTML file and images. We will upload it into your account to be used once more with the benefit of Axetis' incredible email tracking and reporting system.

The template is not immediately editable on our system in its original state, but on request we can modify it to enable you to alter the content for repeated use.

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