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Technical administration

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Treat Axetis like an extension of your office

Organising, filing and creating documents, maintaining systems and handling events are essential daily occurences in every organisation. But many companies lack the resources and capability to sustain this and seldom is there time to stay on top of everything. By delegating some of these to a trusted extra pair of hands, you'll be freed up for other priorities.

Axetis is equiped to handle commonly used software applications. Whenever you need remote assistance with internal or external systems and documents, call on us.

Typical services include:

  • Desktop publishing (Writing copy, Formatting, Editing, Proofing)
  • Printing and collating
  • Items / material sourcing
  • Directory listings, article submission
  • Data entry (eg for catalogue, CRM, website etc)
  • File or image conversion
  • Conference attendance management
  • Create product codes and definitions for catalogue
  • Record filing / directory restructuing
  • Project planning and strategy

Contact Axetis to inquire how we may help with these or other administrative duties you may have.


Service arrangements

Two payment models are offered, each suited to different levels of workload.

  1. Quote on demand
    Provide us your list of tasks and Axetis will return a quote and timeframe for completion
  2. Periodic schedule
    Allocate a block of hours on a routine basis and provide a working agenda. Axetis will keep records of work status and deliverables.

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